What's Next? Back, back to Cali!

In the words of Biggie, we’re going, going, back, back to Cali!*

*We still don’t call it Cali though. 

After a three year hiatus in the Peach State, we are excited to announce that we will be serving in ministry in the Bay Area.

We have accepted positions to pastor with an intentional living community/residential internship program called The Possibility Project. We will also coordinate compassionate ministry and youth ministry leadership on the Northern California district of the Church of the Nazarene. Our move is prompted by Sophie's graduation from Emory University’s Candler School of Theology with her Masters of Divinity.

Our first visit to the NorCal district ignited a spark that surprised both of us, prompting us to wonder if we could move there. After speaking at NorCal district camps and retreats, our connections with this community deepened. Jared has been working on a collaborative book project with the interns. This past summer, we realized that working with an intentional living community could combine our passions for spiritual formation and mentorship, hospitality, community life, social justice, and creativity. We began some conversations with Jeff Purganan about the needs of the district and the opportunities to serve together. 

Under Jeff’s creative leadership, the Sunnyvale Church of the Nazarene re-organized and launched a new ministry. The Possibility Project is a two year leadership development program designed for Christians who desire to live and work in the Bay Area. Participants share in life together, preach and serve in local churches, and develop their own ministry projects. 


You both have jobs?
Yes! Together! Sophie is hired full time and Jared will work half time, while he continues to create films, write, and speak. 

What is an intentional living community?
Quite simply, a group of people who choose to share life together based on similar values. It looks different for every intentional community. The Possibility Project is a more loosely structured intentional community, a.k.a we’re not sharing our incomes (as some of you have asked), but we will share life together and support each other’s growth through intentional communal rhythms, like regular meals and book studies. 

Will you live with other people?
We will live in our own house, but we will live near the two community houses and Crossroads Church in Palo Alto.

Can I join the community?
Yes! We might have more applicants than beds this year, but part of our role will be facilitating the expansion of the program. It is typically a two year commitment, beginning in August. Check out the website here or email to let us know you’re interested so we can have a conversation. 

When will you start?
Sophie graduates on May 8, and after moving, we'll begin working in mid-June. 

Is this where you're from?
Jared grew up in Lodi, CA which is in Northern California but about two hours from where we will be living. Before moving to Georgia, we both lived in San Diego, CA. We're excited to be in California again, but living in the Bay Area will be a completely new experience for us.

Are you going to miss Atlanta?
Of course! We’ve really enjoyed our three years here. We imagine we’ll be back for some BBQ and biscuits, to visit our friends and maintain our connections with the Atlanta Film Society, where Jared is still serving as a filmmaker-in-residence.

Are you going to be a nun/priest?
Okay, you’re probably not wondering that but Sophie gets that question A LOT when she tells people what she is studying.