Things We've Learned Living in The South

We've officially been living in Georgia for a year now. Here are a few things we've learned living in this new region. 

  • “Y’all” is a great term. We’ve started saying it, and bonus: it is gender inclusive.

  • Bugs aren’t in your home because you’re dirty, they’re there because it’s The South.

  • Most people “do church” with people who look and think exactly like themselves.

  • Yard sales start way later in the day. No more 5 am early birds.

  • There are film sets everywhere but celebrities nowhere.

  • What neighborhood you choose to live in says something about you. Missional living matters.

  • Helping people is often inconvenient and uncomfortable, because that is when people need help. In those places God helps you as you help others.

  • You can use less water in the shower than you’re using. And less toothpaste.

  • People from other parts of the country don’t necessarily like people from California.

  • Hushpuppies are a food. And they are delicious.

  • It rains. A lot. There is much to be learned from the seasons.

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