More than a day off: A Prayer on Labor Day

For many of us, Labor Day merely signals the start of a new school year or offers a chance for one last BBQ as summer winds down. It's like a bonus Saturday. 

Today, take a moment to reflect on the purpose of this holiday. Labor Day acknowledges the lasting impact of the Labor Movement and the contributions of workers to our country's well-being. 

Workers today are struggling to survive in our economic system. They are underpaid and over worked. There are severe injustices in the treatment of low-wage workers. Keeping in mind God's concern for the poor and desire that all God's children be treated as such, lift up this prayer today. May we be emboldened to pursue a transformative change for workers. 

Living God, we confess that we have not fully accepted the challenge of seeking Your justice in the world. We define justice in ways that preserve our own self-interest, forgetting that Your justice may call us to great sacrifice.

We pray for workers whose wages are so low that they face terrible choices between paying the rent and feeding their families.

God of compassion, hear our prayer.

We pray that the courageous cries of workers for justice will be heard by their employers, by the community, and by our government.

God of compassion, hear our prayer.

We pray for employers in our city, that they will accept their responsibility to pay their workers enough to live.

God of compassion, hear our prayer.

We pray for companies that abuse the dignity of their workers and refuse to see their employees as brothers and sisters.

God of compassion, hear our prayer.

We pray for all the citizens of our community, that we will hold our government and businesses in our community accountable for the ways they treat their workers.

God of compassion, hear our prayer.

Hear now, O God the prayers that we lift to you.

[Rev. Rebekah Jordan, Mid-South Interfaith Network for Economic Justice]