Things Wise People Do

(however, it is  not wise  to perpetuate stereotypes, like a wise older Chinese man...)

(however, it is not wise to perpetuate stereotypes, like a wise older Chinese man...)

1) They listen more than they speak. Silence is an important discipline. Noise crowds out wisdom.

2) They learn from everyone.  I once saw a person, who I consider wise, bend down in full formal garb to take a knee strictly for the purpose of seeing eye-to-eye with a 6 year-old. This requires patience, and open mind, and a willingness to seek out new influential sources.

3) They learn from failures. Wise people do not need to make every mistake themselves, but they learn lessons from watching the mistakes of others. 

4) They do not ignore "red flags".  If your gut tells you something, follow it. Being wise means putting knowledge into action. 

5) They take advice from other wise people and pursue this wisdom. 

Scripture: Matthew 7:24

"So then, everyone who hears my words and puts them into practice, is like a wise man. He built his house on the rock."

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