Service vs Fun

Somewhere along the line we convinced ourselves that service happens on "service trips" and fun happens whenever we can fit it into our schedules. 

We took a group from our church to the Dream Center to participate in a food distribution and neighborhood service project. The welcoming prayer rally shifted into an informational meeting, which shifted into what you see above. 250 strangers gathered, all crammed in the humid room, to pray and get instructions for loving our neighbors. Then the dance battle broke out. Fun invaded our service. 

But sometimes the problem goes the other direction. When I am participating in designated times of fun (i.e. an afternoon at the beach, or going to a ballgame, etc) I turn off the part of me that participates in acts of service. Somehow it's ok to walk past someone in need because we are outside the designated time for serving. On service trips to neighborhoods other than our own we sweat and serve. We hand out food. We engage the stranger. But what about amidst your peers? In your regular, "non-grubby" clothes? On your day off? 

What if we are wrong? What if service and fun are not mutually exclusive? 

How can you let service invade your fun? Fun invade your service?