Mother's Day Hangover (& How to be a Better Child)

This post has 2 distinct thoughts: 

photo courtesy of Awkward Family Photos

photo courtesy of Awkward Family Photos

1) Mother's Day is a complex day. For every new mom who is celebrating a great day with their sweet little bundle of joy, there is a woman for whom it is a painful day. Some have had bad or abusive mothers, some mothers have passed away, some families are separated on Mother's Day. It is also a reminder to some women that they have lost a child, were never able to have children, or a solemn day of reflection on their lives and motherhood to that point in time. 

We cannot allow the day to pass without acknowledging that motherhood is important, but Mother's Day can be painful. Use the day to celebrate all the strong women who have made an impact on your life. Some of the best mother figures come from people outside of blood relationships. 

2) ACTIVITY: Don't just celebrate the strong women in your life on Mother's Day. Some holidays are hard to move (you'd just be weird to celebrate the 4th of July or Christmas on any other day). Right now, pull out your calendars and move some holidays. Newsflash: you're not romantic because you do something sweet on Valentine's Day. Likewise, you aren't a great family member because you went out to brunch on Mother's Day. If you really want to express value to those around you, write in some new randomly chosen days to cherish those around you. Pencil in a new Mother's Day, Father's Day, random romantic day, administrative assistants day, etc. When the actual holiday rolls around, go out for a meal or give a card, but then go all out on the new holiday you chose. The way you value the people in your life will be reflected in that action, not solely in response to a federal holiday.