BREAKING NEWS: The Internet Ruined Real Life

Start watching at 1:13; that is when it gets good. 

1:20 "We are going to make a YouTube sensation with this, for sure, we just got a billion hits." 

Yah bro, congratulations, because that is the most important part of real life. 

Analyze this with me: you are on vacation out in God's amazing creation, you are in a sweet boat, you are wakeboarding with friends…then, out of nowhere, hundreds of dolphins gather around your boat to play with you. Amazing. Everyone is basking in the glory of the moment and God Almighty, enjoying creation for all it was meant to be. BOOM. Mid-experience the thought hits you, "This will be good on the internet."

Please let the absurdity of this moment provide a healthy and much-needed mirror up to your life and online persona. We need to reclaim real life. While it makes sense to want to capture and remember beautiful moments, not all moments need to feed our social media identity. 

Challenge for the weekend: I dare you to experience something wonderful and leave it at that. No photo. No posting. No filters. Just experience it. Eat the meal. Enjoy the sunset. In that moment when you have the instinct to reach for your phone, pause your action, take a legitimate deep breath, and instead of taking a picture, say a quick prayer of gratitude to God. 

Amen family. Amen.