Don't Microwave Your Bible

“I don’t like cooking.”

Really, well what do you cook?

“Hot Pockets.”

We would all agree this person is an idiot. They have missed out on what it truly means to cook. They have taken something beautiful and complex and turned it into a push-button solution for instant substance. The irony is, by zapping your food, you’ve taken the potential nutrients out of it entirely. Trying to receive life-giving nutrients from microwaveable prepackaged food? Idiotic...but we do the same thing with the Bible.

Watch this video, and reflect on the potential complexities in Scripture that exist, just as they do in the kitchen. Scripture, like cooking, is fun, deep, adventurous, layered, complex, and requires time, practice, mentorship, and effort. The true depth of the Bible cannot be absorbed in short attempts with no effort. Only a determined attempt at reading will yield transformation.

Open your Bible and enjoy the feast…

Further Exploration: 

How have you been trying to make Scripture into a “quick-fix”?

What excuses do you use for not diving in to the Bible?

What are some things you could fast (give up for a time) to establish some healthy new patterns?

What are other resources that could enhance your reading? How about different translations, reading a commentary, doing lectio divina, journaling and note-taking, drawing and doodling verses...