That's Darling - A Magazine Feature!


Darling is an intelligent online community and georgeous print magazine centered on "the art of being a woman." Now only one of us blog writers here is a woman, and the one of us who is not a woman wrote an article in the magazine about being a woman. So proud wife moment, I'm thrilled to tell you that Jared Callahan wrote an article entitled "Breakable" in the spring issue of Darling Magazine. Writing from man's perspective on the universal experience of heartbreak, Jared shares wisdom on suffering, forgiveness, and healing. Check out this quote to peak your curiosity and then check out the website at and buy a copy of the print issue online, at all Anthropologie stores, or at local boutiques listed here. 

"Suffering is real, and it is OK. Our culture's obsession with image control and instant pain relief conveniently omits the fact that suffering is a fundamental part of being human. Lack of suffering indicates a sheltered heart, one unwilling to take risks and open up to the possibility of being hurt. Without opening up your hear through truth and vulnerability, you can never receive or give true love. It is this action that also exposes us to hurt. Therefore, there are two types of people: those who have suffered and those have yet to begin loving."  -Jared Callahan

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