Making "NO!" Sexy

A vote for "YES" was a lie, a vote for "NO" meant freedom. They had to make "NO" sexy. 

The political climate in Chile in the late 1980s was turbulent.  The country had suffered for 15 years under a military dictatorship.  Amidst international pressure and a rising voice from within the country, leaders allowed for a "yes" or "no" vote to keep the dictator Pinochet in power. A couple forward-thinking advertisers were hired to make the vote for "NO!" sexy. 

Bob Goff is blowing up right now. He's on bestseller lists, is a keynote speaker at the top conferences, and simply discussed in general conversation. One of the lines he repeats often is that he quits something every Thursday. He just calls up and quits. When they say why, he yells, through gut-busting laughter, "Because it's Thursday!"

We have been lured in by the "yes." We feel large amounts of pressure to not let anyone down, to fill up the resume, as if God is going to review our "Good Works Resume" and make a judgement call based on that. The problem with trying to do everything is that I wind up doing nothing fantastically. I often make myself, or the good works themselves, into an idol.  (Sidenote: if your problem is sloth and you are lazy, then get up and do something. Love someone. Be uncomfortable. This post doesn't apply to you yet).  

Need convincing? Every time life got busy or hectic (or the crowds wanted to forcefully make him king) Jesus goes away to a quiet place. 

But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.
— Luke 5:16

What do you need to say "NO!" to?    (Quit something, I dare you.) 

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