The Best Trilogy Ever.

Dr. Jones.      Luke.      Frodo.     

How could you pick just one? What makes for one single trilogy to be considered "the best" of all-time? What is the criteria for such a decision? How do you handle the horrid (or decent) prequels, and if you are counting the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, well then [spitting sound]

Trilogies hold a special place in our hearts because the characters move from people we watch to partners with whom we journey.  We feel their despair when life is the darkest, which then allows us to cry in celebration when they succeed (maybe the cry part is just me). 

This week during his sermon at our church, Pastor Dee Kelley referenced an unlikely biblical trilogy that we tend to overlook. He linked the books of Job, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon.  The book of Job, which is the oldest book in the bible, follows the suffering of a faithful servant of God.  In his anger, he does not sin against God, and in the end is restored to twice what he originally had.  Ecclesiastes wonderfully moves from "everything is meaningless" to, in the end, providing a gorgeous summary of the meaning of life. The toil of these first two books moves us to the depths of the human experience and the Song of Solomon restores us to the heights…songs of love.  

Try out this trilogy today. It is free. It has everything: compelling characters, twists, murder, treasure, toil, love, and the meaning of life. It might even qualify as the best trilogy ever.