God Still Speaks

Photo Credit: Monty Python

Photo Credit: Monty Python

I am always wary of people when they lead with, "God told me…"

But I shouldn't doubt it. I believe God is real. I believe that God is still creating, moving, and active amongst creation. Why then do I doubt? For a number of reasons, but more importantly, why should I believe the doubts?

God still speaks, through: 1) revelation through Scripture 2) audibly to people 3) through the Holy Spirit by leading, guiding, convicting, comforting 4) healing 5) logic/reason (knowledge/wisdom) 6) nature 7) tradition of the Church 8) personal experience 9) communal experience 10) conscience 

So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.
— Romans 10:17

How have you seen God move?