Christian Celebrity Deathmatch

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My family didn’t get cable television until I had left for college. Among the TV shows that I’d watch at my friend’s house in high school was “Celebrity Deathmatch”.  This MTV show pitted popular celebrities with similar fan bases against each other in, well, a fight to the death (Did I mention it was claymation? Somehow that helps).  The show was definitely inappropriate, but very funny. (Editor’s note: Good call mom and dad on not getting television and making us play outside. You were right, yet again).

I meet weekly with a group of peers to sharpen my brain and refocus my spirit.  Recently we went through Donald Miller’s new book/program Storyline. Miller’s thrust is that we should live lives worth watching or reading about. He applies the elements of good storytelling to our life’s narrative. He is not alone in this sentiment.  Benjamin Franklin has been attributed as saying, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”  

Our group completed Storyline, then picked up Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence.  Brother Lawrence spent the first years of his adult life in the military, and then served as a footman.  Then at age 25, around the year 1635, he joined a monastery, where he was assigned kitchen duty because he lacked the education to fully serve as a monk. He ended up connecting with God through 55 years of the mundane chore of washing dishes. Brother Lawrence practiced the presence of God in his kitchen sanctuary, and radiated love and peace to those who entered his workplace. He valued prayer more highly than any author I’ve read.

So which is it? Do we need to get off our couches and seek God in adventures? Or should we be looking for God in the mundane? Should I be asking “What’s the next adventure?” or “What is happening in daily life that I’m missing?” Let’s discuss.


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