A White Guy Walks Into A Black Church

Has your church changed the world? Sometimes we're tempted to believe church is another weekly activity. It's entertainment or moral encouragement or a social connection. Yet we do recognize deep down that Jesus established more than a sing-a-long and coffee hour. Jesus established a Kingdom. He initiated a new way of living, one with the potential to turn this world upside down.

Last week we worshipped at Ebenezer Baptist Church, in downtown Atlanta. This is one church that can truly claim some world changing members. Among other influential leaders, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was raised in this historic congregation. American culture is significantly altered because someone was transformed by the life, teaching, and salvation of Jesus, and undoubtedly, this body of believers. 

How is your church shaping people to participate in the Kingdom?

Who is encouraging you to put your faith into action?

How can your church challenge current culture?

                           Ebenezer Baptist Church today - educating, equipping, edifying.

                           Ebenezer Baptist Church today - educating, equipping, edifying.