Living on Cheerios and Bananas

Across the street lives a caterer, which makes for the best kind of neighbor. Knowing we were new to the area, she brought over armfuls of Southern food "for us Northerners to try." Thus far in my life, Collard greens and Brunswick stew have not been staples in my diet. I don't dislike these new foods, but I've grown accustomed to the meals I'm comfortable cooking. 


How often do we rely on the Scriptures that feel familiar? I fall back on Ephesians 3 and John 15 as my diet of God's Word, often to the neglect of the books that feel unfamiliar. Deuteronomy may be the collard greens - different but recognizable. But Habbakuk? Might as well be a fried tarantula. (Yes, that is served in parts of the world). 

Paul tells the Corinthians that they were first given spiritual milk, before moving on to solid food. Yet I often move on to solid food but get stuck at the spiritual equivalent of Cheerios and bananas. I'm relying on a diet of baby's first meals, rather than diving into the abundant meals offered to me. Think of all the wonderful meals you would have missed out on if your palate development ended at Gerber-level cuisine! Scripture is rich and decadent, maybe a little spicy or strange at first taste, but we're invited to dig in, enjoy, and be heartily nourished. 

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 3:1-4 (CEB)

Brothers and sisters, I couldn’t talk to you like spiritual people but like unspiritual people, like babies in Christ. I gave you milk to drink instead of solid food, because you weren’t up to it yet. Now you are still not up to it because you are still unspiritual. When jealousy and fighting exist between you, aren’t you unspiritual and living by human standards?