One Cup: Reflecting on World Communion Sunday

Where did you take communion yesterday? I received the gifts of bread and wine at a little church in the Kirkland neighborhood, a few minutes from our new home in Atlanta. In moving to a new city, I’ve had the opportunity to visit new churches and see new communities. I’ve been challenged by the differences in liturgies and practice, while comforted by the consistency of certain hymns and prayers.

At this church, they had globes hanging overhead to remind us that in every time zone, wherever sun is rising or setting, there are communities taking communion. I think back to the communion I received in South Africa or Sydney or San Diego. Those communities are still gathering, they taking communion on this Sunday, as am I.

I’m often tempted to see myself as the focus of my Sunday. It matters what I am learning, how I am feeling, or where I am worshipping. Yet there is a God beyond my Sunday - a God that is working in every worship gathering, a God who is present in the bread and wine we’re all receiving.

What communities around the world do you know people taking communion?

How can you pray for them?

How can we better express the unity of the church?

In what ways does the practice of communion challenge our individualism?

"The fact that Christians in all these places share the same cup and the one bread provides one of the greatest challenges to modern conceptions of individual consumption"

-Father Emmanuel Katongole  

(A Future for Africa: Critical Essays in Christian Social Imagination)