Gratefulness Leads to Joy


I dislike getting out of bed more than most things. It’s not that I dislike mornings. Morning is great. In fact, I am continually surprised by how pleasant it is, once you’ve got out of the house. There are very few optional things that will get me out of bed before my first work commitment of the day.  One of those things is a group of wonderful, diverse men who meet together as many Friday mornings as we can. The goal of our time together is to pray, be in the Scriptures, and occasionally read through a book together.  

Besides being awake before the world, the other thing this assembly does well is group text. I know that when a text goes out and all parties are involved, what follows is a barrage of witty banter slowed only by complete exhaustion of the topic or distraction by the tasks of the day.  This past week we all received an inspirational thought from Craig. “What if you immediately lost everything right now that you didn’t thank God for yesterday? What would you have left?”

I was stunned. No landslide of replies. No sharp comments followed. It was a good thought.

What would you have left?

Scripture: Psalm 7:17   

I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness; 

I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High.


How does that change your today? Your Thanksgiving holiday? Your next week?