About A Sacred Imagination

We desire to spark a sacred imagination in the souls of Christ-followers. We aim to reclaim daily routines as holy moments, to see everyday life through a creative lens.  We hope that your time spent with us allows you an inspired glimpse into a new way of living, a new approach, a refreshed perspective on Kingdom living here and now.

Photography: Let's Folic Together


the creative team consists of sophie and jared callahan.  

Sophie studied sociology, theology, philosophy, and Spanish. She likes justice and chocolate.

Jared studied film and youth ministry, and spiritual formation. He likes too many things.  

Sophie and Jared have been married since 2010, and co-pastor an intentional living community in Palo Alto, CA. 




Use of Scripture:

We believe that Scripture gets used and abused often by the Church. Our goal is to take deep, heavy, rich texts and pair them with a modern thought, observation, or insight. Our hope is that the juxtaposition will provide you a new depth, both to the Scripture and to your daily life.

These tiny morsels in no way excuse you from a balanced Scriptural diet. We encourage you to read the Bible with multiple translations open and utilize intelligent commentaries. Scripture was intended to be shared, discussed, argued, preached, and lived out in the community of believers.

Inspiration Disclaimer:  

We recognize that in this age there is nothing new under the sun. Our ideas and thoughts shared on A Sacred Imagination are influenced and shaped by many avenues. We aim to give credit where credit is due! Yet sometimes we might not realize where our inspiration came from. Therefore if you see an idea, photo, or quote that is not appropriately attributed please contact us immediately so we can properly acknowledge. Also, you are welcome to share the ideas we write on this blog and we please ask you to link back to the original blog post. Thanks!


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